Corporate Environmental Management

Grupo Energía de Bogotá is aware, as a leading company in the energy sector, of its responsibility regarding the promotion of a balanced development between economic, financial and institutional goals and environmental, social and cultural goals to achieve  sustainable development in the countries where it operates.

Corporate Management Model

Environmental management of Grupo Energía de Bogotá is part of a corporate entrepreneurial strategy focusing on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Thus, the activities, products and services of its affiliate companies are developed under a human sustainable development framework, under the guidelines of Corporate Environmental Policy, which defines the action framework to generate environmental quality and strategies to create an environmental culture among stakeholders.

  • Sustainability Policy

    Establishes guidelines with which the companies guide management to generate environmental quality.

  • Legal compliance that goes beyond what is mandatory

    The following are part of the Group's Global Responsibility:knowledge, application and compliance with the environmental legislation, and the voluntary requirements to which the Group has adhered to, in project and activities of its companies. 

    UN Global Compact environmental principles are part of management: See Global Compact Principles. See Global compact principles

  • Environmental Programs

    Programs are formulated based on the analysis of environmental conditions of its surroundings and the compliance with regulations, and focus on the efficient use of resources, the protection of biodiversity and eco-efficient objectives and the improvement of corporate environmental management.

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