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March 2011

Mónica de Greiff, CEO of Grupo Energía de Bogotá, is appointed to the UN Global Compact Board of Directors

Bogotá, Colombia, 01 March 2011

The appointment was made by the UN General Secretary and it constitutes an acknowledgement to the career and drive that Mrs. Mónica de Greiff has made to Global Compact Colombia.

Mrs. de Greiff will be the first Latin-American women member of Global Compact Board of Directors.

Bogotá, 1 March 2011. The United Nations General Secretary, Mr. Ban Ki-moon appointed the CEO of Grupo Energía de Bogotá, Mrs. Mónica de Greiff, as member of Global Compact Board of Directors at world level.

Mrs. Mónica de Greiff is the third Latin-American member, and the first woman to hold such a significant post,  which purpose is to promote Global Compact Principles, Millennium Development Goals and other initiatives fostered by the UN in the subject of Social Responsibility.

Social Responsibility Global Compact is a universal platform, it is open and in ongoing talks, actions and interactions with the private sector, Governments and civil society to define and develop a global, national and local agenda for sustainable development.  Compact's World Network with its respective chapters at regional and in each country, has the objective of exchanging experiences and disclosing good business practices that have generated social impact under principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

There are over 230 Colombian companies and institutions, among them EEB, TGI and Fundación Grupo Energía de Bogota, which today are part of this global purpose, and other companies of the Group in South and Central America develop specific activities in promoting human rights, protecting the environment, driving for labor rights, fight against corruption and foster the development of productive projects in the community.

Before being appointed CEO of Grupo Energía de Bogotá, Mrs. de Greiff was Ministry of Justice, VP of Royal Dutch Shell in Colombia and Secretary for Economic Development in Bogota, among other positions.