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April 2020

The good energy shows! - Semana

26 April 2020

Imagine a hospital without electricity. No way! Energy is now more vital than ever. Grupo Energía Bogotá guarantees its supply to millions of Colombians.

Omar Cruz, a high-voltage line inspector who works for Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB), tours the electrical infrastructure from Betania (Huila) to Mocoa (Putumayo) to ensure there is no risk of service interruption, while Giovanni Nese visits the Group's offices in Bogotá to monitor the power transmission system. He is an operator at the Control Center where 1,655 kilometers of transmission lines, over 2,000 towers and 28 GEB substations are monitored.

Cruz and Nese are part of the group of electrical engineers, electromechanical technicians, and Operation and Maintenance specialists, who together with GEB contractors leave their homes every day to ensure that the service they provide is more vital today than ever before. What would happen in clinics and hospitals without energy, or in industries, businesses and homes without access to this service?

As part of this commitment to the progress of Colombia and the welfare of its inhabitants, the Group also provides natural gas transport to 65% of its users, through its company TGI, which transports it through 14 compression stations and 4,017 kilometers of gas pipelines that cross 17 departments and 220 municipalities. Today, 171 employees are working on this job. For them to carry out their work, GEB and TGI are providing all the necessary elements for their protection and remote support: they work in shifts and teamwork is divided; there are safety protocols; periodic disinfections; personalized transportation; monitoring the health condition of each worker and their families, among other actions.

In January of this year GEB and its companies in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Guatemala, launched Contingency and Business Continuity Plans to guarantee the supply of energy and gas services. Astrid Álvarez, CEO of Grupo Energía Bogotá, says that the company's priorities are to protect the jobs of over 2,300 employees and to protect the lives of workers and contractors, while complying with the Group's main cultural attribute: Life first.

GEB has also joined programs to help less favored populations, showing its commitment to Social Awareness, another of its attributes. In Colombia, employees contribute part of their salaries to deliver food to vulnerable communities. In Peru, Cálidda and Contugas workers donated close to 4,000 food boxes for an equal number of families. And in Guatemala, through Trecsa, we delivered hygiene kits to indigenous communities.

"This is an opportunity to show that united we are stronger and will overcome this, by working for Colombia," says Alvarez.

For an outstanding person with the face of the CEO

For GEB's CEO Astrid Álvarez, the priorities are to protect the jobs of over 2,300 employees and to protect the lives of workers and contractors, while complying with the cultural attribute, Life First

Photo caption: Guavio- Circo Line (Cundinamarca) of GE

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