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January 2017

280 children from Bolivar benefited from educational material handed out by Grupo Energia de Bogota

04 January 2017

Bogota D.C., January 4, 2016. Within the framework of its UPME 05-2012 Cartagena – Bolivar Project, Grupo de Energia de Bogota (GEB) continues to work with the community to support various social initiatives in the Caribbean region. 

On this occasion, GEB handed out learning material to 280 boys and girls in the following rural settlements: Membrillal in Cartagena, Polo in Santa Rosa de Lima Norte and Aguas Prietas in Turbaco. These materials help facilitate the acquisition of basic concepts, abilities, aptitudes and skills to boost new competencies and allow the importance of electrical energy and natural gas to be shared in an engaging way. 

For GEB, supporting these educational initiatives is part of its sustainability policy, whereby sustainable presence and development in the territories it operates in is one of its core principles. Furthermore, these activities have a positive impact on the lives of boys and girls who will be able to have access to better conditions in their education.  

The purpose of the UPME 05-2012 Cartagena – Bolivar Project is to increase the power transmission capacity towards the Caribbean region, mainly the department of Bolivar. This will allow energy produced in other regions of the country to be transported to consumption centers in the Colombian Caribbean region, thus improving reliability and reducing the risk of power shortages and securing the service provision conditions for electrical energy that facilitates the economic growth of the region. 

Moreover, this project is part of the ‘Plan 5 Caribe’; a plan through which the National Government seeks to strengthen the electrical system of the Atlantic Coast to improve quality of service. 

About Grupo Energia de Bogota 

Grupo Energia de Bogota is one of the leading groups of the low-emission energy chain in the region.  As a Corporate Group, it generates value for its shareholders and stakeholders through the sustainable and cost-effective management of business activities throughout the energy chain, both in the generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electricity, as well as the transport and distribution of natural gas. 

The Group contributes to the development of the countries where it operates, while leading projects that make an impact on productivity, competitiveness and improve the wellbeing and quality of life of users. 


Luis Miguel Gomez Henao

External Communications Advisor


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