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October 2016

Grupo Energia de Bogota conducted a panel discussion on the present and future of renewable energies

12 October 2016

  • The challenges and opportunities of renewable energies for the development of smart cities were discussed during this event.
  • Incentives, regulation, opportunities for and barriers to non-conventional sources of energies were the main topics of this panel.
  • 7 local and international experts explained their perspectives on the new challenges of energy matrix.

Bogota, October 12, 2016. Grupo Energia de Bogota, in the context of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders held in the capital city of the Republic of Colombia, conducted a panel discussion named “Towards the future of renewable energies”, where topics about the challenges of cities in terms of non-conventional sources of energy were discussed.

The main speech was given by Grupo Energia de Bogota’s CEO, Astrid Alvarez Hernandez, who suggested the need to rethink the energy matrix of cities based on renewable energies and their relevant possibilities in countries such as Colombia. “The journey towards smart cities is just getting started; leaders, urban planners and politicians in charge must understand the possibilities represented by the new energy systems, and drive the transition processes”, stated GEB CEO during her speech.

The evolution of regulatory systems regarding renewable energies and their impact on countries’ competitiveness, the search for non-conventional sources of energy as a priority for businessmen and governments; tax incentives for and barriers to the use of new sources of energy, were just some of the major topics discussed by experts during this event.

The panel was chaired by Angela Cadena, an academician and expert in the energy industry, with the participation of Colombian experts such as Mauricio Blanco, the representative of the Department of Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Environment; Ana Maria Tascon, the representative of the Colombian Renewable Energies Association, SER; Felipe de Gamboa, the General Electric Business Manager for Colombia.

International speakers included Jonas Rottorp, Business Development Manager at the Swedish Environmental Research Institute; Stella Jacobsson, a consultant for the Swedish Municipal Waste Management Association; and Barbara Kreissler, Phillips Public Affairs Executive for Energy Matters.

Mayors from several municipalities –where Grupo Energia de Bogota operates– attended this event that was held at the Environmental Sustainability Hall of the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, at Corferias.

About Grupo Energia Bogota

Grupo Energia Bogota is one of the low emission energy chain leaders of the region. As a Business Group, it generates shareholder value and groups of interest through the sustainable and profitable management of its business across the energy chain in connection with electricity generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization, as well as with natural gas transportation and distribution.

The Group contributes to the development of such countries where it operates and manages projects having an impact on productivity and competitiveness, and improving users’ welfare and quality of life.

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