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August 2016

Grupo Energia de Bogota begins construction of the Tesalia – Alferez 230kW transmission line

16 August 2016

- The project’s investment will be 217,400 million Colombian pesos.
- 480 jobs will be created for this work’s construction; the region’s locals will have preference to 70% of them.
- 1,500 million Colombian pesos of investment will be allocated to projects that will benefit the community in areas of influence.
- 15,400 million will be invested in environmental management and biodiversity protection.
Bogota D.C., August 16, 2016. Grupo Energia de Bogota (GEB) announced today that it will be beginning the construction of Tesalia – Alferez 230 kW transmission line (which is part of the UPME Project 05 of 2009), with which it will transport energy from Huila´s Department towards the southwest region of the country, improving the reliability of the supply of electricity in the region and National Interconnected System’s capability.
This new transmission line (which consists of 424 power towers) that runs from Tesalia substation in Huila to Alferez substation in southern Cali, will be 202 kilometers long (125.5 miles) and will pass through 11 municipalities in three departments: Huila (Tesalia, Iquira, Teruel, Palermo and Santa Maria), Tolima (Planadas and Rio Blanco) and Valle del Cauca (Pradera, Florida, Candelaria and Cali).
More than 480 jobs will be created during the construction of this new phase of the project, 70% of which will be non-qualified labor and to which the region’s locals will have preference.
The first phase of the project was completed in 2014 and comprised the construction of the Tesalia Substation, a 50km (31-mile) transmission line from Tesalia Substation to Altamira Substation and the reconfiguration of Betania-Jamondino line to connect it to Tesalia Substation, thanks to an investment of 44,000 million Colombian pesos. The second phase now underway will receive an investment of 173,400 million Colombian pesos; the project’s total investment will be 217,400 million Colombian pesos.
Additionally, as part of Grupo Energia de Bogota’s commitment to social and environmental sustainability with the areas in which it operates, 1,500 million Colombian pesos will be invested in projects that will benefit the community and 15,400 million will be allocated to environmental management and biodiversity protection.
For Astrid Alvarez, president of Grupo Energia de Bogota, “this is one of the most important projects for the company, as it will strengthen the National Interconnected System, increasing the capacity to take energy and quality of life to remote areas of the country. At the same time it will be a pioneering initiative to create employment for ex-combatants that will be able to work in various activities through the program that we have called ‘Energy for Peace’”.
This is one of 12 expansion projects of the electric power transmission infrastructure that the Grupo Energia de Bogota is currently undertaking, through which the country’s power supply reliability will be improved and the National Interconnected System will be strengthened. In this way, GEB continues its consolidation as the second most relevant actor in the electric power transmission market of Colombia, carrying out business that positively and sustainably transforms the territories where it operates.

About Grupo de Energia de Bogota
The Grupo Energia de Bogota is a multinational leader in the energy and gas sector, with its main headquarters in Bogota. As a Corporate Group, it generates value for its shareholders and stakeholders through the sustainable and profitable management of its business, which contemplates shareholding in companies of the energy chain from the generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electricity, through to the transport and distribution of natural gas. The Group contributes to the development of the countries where it operates: Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Brazil, and leads projects that make an impact on the productivity and competitiveness of territories to support the growing demand of electricity and natural gas in an efficient and responsible manner.

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