In this section, you will find DECEVAL questions and answers.

  • What are the potential status of shares, what do they mean, and where can I find them?

    The status of shares are periodically notified in the account statement for shareholders and may be as follows:

    Available: this is the balance available for the shareholder to make any required operation or transaction.

    In transit: it is the balance that has been temporarily blocked waiting for the completion of a purchase-sale operation, change of depositor, special operation, etc.

    Pledged: it is the balance provided by the shareholder as a pledge of shares and that is pledged to a third party. This pledge may or may not assign economic benefits.

    Blockage due to attachment: it is the balance that has been blocked as a result of a cautionary measure by a competent entity. Said attachment may or may not assign economic benefits depending on the attaching entity.

    In guarantee: it is the balance provided by the shareholder as a guarantee to support term operations recorded at the Colombian Stock Exchange -BVC-.

    In active repo: it is the balance in shares temporarily acquired by the shareholder after participating as purchaser in a repurchase/resale or repo transaction.

    Solidarity sector blockage: it is the balance blocked by different types of non-standardized restrictions. 

  • How can I update my domicile or any other personal information?

    To update basic data, there are several options:

    1. Send your request to the Direct Depositary, who will update the information directly in Deceval’s system.

    2. By dialing the shareholder service line +57+1 3268000 Ext 1827 or Ext 1675 informing the advisor on your new domicile or basic data upgrade request. In this way EEB will inform Deceval on the upgrades.

    3. Send to EEB a written communication mailed to the following address: Of. Principal Cra. 9 # 73-44 Piso 6 PBX: (571)3268000 - FAX: (571)3268010.

  • Who shall I address as to all matters relating to my EEB shares?

    You may address your Direct Depositary, which is the entity representing you before Deceval, managing and safeguarding your shares and, as such, executing all the activities thereof.

  • How can I record a payment channel for dividends?

    You must complete F-324 Form (Observations for the Payment of Dividends) available at web portal www.deceval.com /link formatos/formatos accionista. This form must be totally filled out, without deletions and corrections, and its signature and content must be authenticated before a notary public. 


    Attach the following documentation: 

    1. Authenticated copy (at 150%) of the ID documents of the shareholder and the account holder (if applicable). 

    2. In the event that the shareholder is a minor, the legal representative and/or tutor must attach the documentation indicating said authorization (certified copy of the birth certificate and/or notarized power of attorney). 

    3. In case that the title holder of the shares is a legal entity, attach a copy of the certificate of existence and legal representation issued no later than thirty calendar days to the delivery thereof and a notarized copy of the legal representative’s ID document. 

  • How can an attorney-in-fact withdraw unpaid dividends via a bank network?

    The power of attorney given to you by the holder of the shares must indicate that this condition was awarded. It is also important to consider that safety conditions of bank networks may or may not accept making this payment to a third party empowered through a power of attorney. 

  • Why do I have accumulated unpaid dividends?

    Because upon making a payment to the recorded bank account there was a rejection of any type. 

    Because you failed to claim over the counter at the bank network authorized by the issuer the dividends you are entitled to. 

  • What should I do to sell the shares?

    As regards the sale of the shares it is important to say that there are two ways to accomplish this procedure: 

    1. Through the stock broker(s) with whom you have a mandate contract. This type of transactions are known as STOCK-MARKET PURCHASE SALE.  

    2. The second way is by making a direct purchase from a natural person or legal entity in an operation called OVER-THE-COUNTER MARKET PURCHASE SALE. 

    This operation is not accomplished through the stock exchange, given that its amount does not exceed 66,000 UVR. 

    To complete this process you may use the F-349 Form – Over-the-counter Market Purchase Sale that you can download from our portal www.deceval.com.co link formatos formatos/accionista. 

    This form must be totally filled out, without deletions and corrections, and you must attach the documentation indicated in the section on the bottom of the form. 

    This form must be signed by the seller and the purchaser, and its signature and content formalized before a notary public. 

    Additionally, if the purchaser has no depositary account at DECEVAL he/she must complete F-313 Form (if a natural person) and F314 if a legal entity. 

    You may validate the balance of shares you own by contacting the shareholder service line of DECEVAL: Bogotá: +571 3077127 – Rest of the country: 018000 111901. 

  • If the issuer of the shares is also my direct depositor and I wish to sell my shares through a stock broker what should I do?

    You must first complete Form F-394 – Request of Change of Depositor, available at www.deceval.com.co in the tab formatos formatos/accionistas. 

    The form must be totally filled out, without deletions and corrections, accompanied by a copy of your ID document magnified at 150%, complying with the following specifications: 

    Process with your new direct depositor the authorization to transfer the shares, for which the direct depositor shall accept the transfer of your shares in section 4 of this form. 

    The form must be filled out in its entirety, using legible writing. 

    Attach the documentation required and indicated under the section of list of attachments thereof. 

    Documents containing deletions or corrections will not be received. 

    This document shall only be accepted in its original. 

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