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July 2014

TGI, start-up of a gas compressor station to service growing demand in the Capital District

07 July 2014

  • Transportadora de Gas Internacional S.A. ESP –TGI- will begin the commercial operation of its natural gas compressor station to increase transport capacity of La Sabana natural gas pipeline.
  • This is the first compressor station of its kind in Latin American, as its uses state of the art gas compression technology, minimizing environmental impact. 
  • The company invested over COP$84 billion in the construction of this project, aimed at servicing growing demand of natural gas in the city of Bogota and cundiboyacense municipalities.

Bogota, 7 July 2014,-In order to supply, at least until 2020, the growing demand of natural gas in Bogota and neighboring municipalities, TGI, subsidiary of Grupo Energia de Bogota, inaugurated today its compression plant, which increases gas transport capacity in La Sabana natural gas pipeline. This project is part of the commitment made by the company to increase gas transport capacity in the country. 

Such investment amounted to COP$84 billion, which includes design, construction and provision of specialized equipment among others. Similarly, the start-up of La Sabana Compressor Station represents an opportunity to ensure future supply and provides the possibility of strengthening the development of this industry in the capital city and in the cundiboyacense municipalities.                                           

Mr. Gustavo Petro Urrego, Mayor of Bogota, Ms. Sandra Fonseca, CEO of Grupo Energía de Bogotá and Mr. Ricardo Roa Barragan, TGI’s CEO, attended the start-up of this important project. The project increases gas transport capacity in the gas pipeline from 140 to 215 million cubic feet per day. This enhancement will benefit the industry and the communities located in the capital city and the surrounding municipalities, among others.

Mr. Ricardo Roa, President of TGI stated that with this project TGI continues reinforcing its commitment to allow access to natural gas as a reliable fuel to residential and industrial customers, and further strengthens the company as one of the main players in the gas sector in Colombia.

State of the art technology

This is a pioneer station in Latin America, as it is the first of its kind to use “MOPICO” (Motor Pipe Line Compressor ®) technology, which stands out as its uses a reduced construction area. In addition, it does not require oil in its compression process and it exhibits low noise levels due to total closure of its combustion engine. Hence, it minimizes environmental impacts related to noise emission and pollution.


In addition, Mr. Roa expressed that increased availability and increases in the percentage of gas-transported volume will allow streamlining costs and improving economic and operational results of the company and end-users.


This project is part of TGI’s commitment to increase gas transport capacity in the country.  TGI is the largest natural gas transport company in Colombia and will continue strengthening its processes and ensuring the quality of its service in the regions in which it operates.

About TGI S.A. ESP

Transportadora de Gas Internacional S.A. ESP –TGI-, subsidiary of Grupo de Energía de Bogotá, is the leading gas transport company in Colombia, with an extension of almost 4,000 kilometers of gas pipelines, servicing the most densely populated areas in Colombia such as Bogota, Medellin, Bucaramanga, the Coffee Region and the Llanos foothills. In addition, it provides operation and maintenance services to the largest gas duct networks in Colombia and renders natural gas transport services inside the country.

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