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August 2012

Sustainability for an inclusive and globalized market, theme of Global Compact's Second Congress

Bogotá, Colombia, 31 August 2012

Global Compact Congress will be held of 3 and 4 September in the Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

• Mónica de Greiff, David Luna and Javier Botero among the speakers of the Global Compact Second Congress.  The Bogota Chamber of Commerce will host Global Compact II Congress, it will generate space for dialogue, analysis, dissemination of good practices in the scenario involving practices and initiatives of Global Compact. 

Bogotá, 31 August 2012, The different panels will address topics such as respect for human rights, support to labor standard, commitment with the environment and fight against corruption, among others. 

Among the speakers, the following stand out, Mrs. Mónica De Greiff, CEO of Grupo Energía de Bogotá; Mr. Javier Botero Álvarez, Higher Education vice Minister; Mr. David Luna, Labor Relations vice Minister, Mrs. Consuelo Caldas Cano, CEO of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, among other personalities. 

With this space, Global Compact Local Network hopes that the attendees dialogue and discover useful tools so that organization continue generating values that contribute to sustainable development and thus be competitive within a globalized market.

Global Compact Local Network in Colombia is the organization in the country that leads this initiative fostered by the UN encouraging responsible entrepreneurial management under the ten principles of respect and promotion of human and labor rights, protection of the environment and fight against corruption.

To participate, one must fill in a form, found in the following link: