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May 2012

EEB's positive results continue

Bogotá, Colombia, 01 May 2012

  • Semana magazine and the economics newspaper Portafolio highlight the progress made by EEB during the past year, in variables such as sales volume, operational profit, assets and equity.
  • EEB completes and delivers three inductive reactors in the Mocial (Putumayo), Altamira (Huila) and San Bernardino (Cauca) substations, with which the will enhance the National Transmission System and will improve the quality of life of inhabitants in the southern region of the country.

In the report, the Company occupied, in 2011 position 45 among the largest companies in Colombia, with sales in COP$1.421.664 million, while in 2010 it was in position 67, with sales amounting to COP$932.435 million.  This improvement in 22 position, mainly due to variation in sales of 52,5%.  This fact is more significant if we take into account that in 2009, its position was 101.

Regarding operational profit, in 2011 it reached COP$550.659 million, representing an increase of 105,2% when compared to the previous years, which was COP$268.287 million. Today EEB is in position 18 regarding companies with greatest operation profit, while in 2010 it was not able to be among the first 30 companies.

In the Portafolio report, it highlights that in 2011 the company grew 17,6% in assets, which reached COP$13.956.870 million, in eighth place. Regarding equity, it grew by 16,9%, reaching COP$8.313.951 million.

Similarly, during 1Q 2012, EEB reported net profit of COP$540.005 million, COP$315.608 million in excess of that recorded in the same period in 2011, a growth equivalent to 140,6%.

To EEB´s CEO, Mrs. Mónica De Greiff, “the results obtained show that the Company, in addition to being one of the largest corporation in the energy sector in Latin-America, it has the ability to generate permanent results, while growing at the same time". To Mrs. De Greiff, the international expansion of Colombian utility companies during the past year has been led by EEB, thanks to its success in Peru with its natural gas affiliate companies, Contugas and Calidda, and the expansion project of the electric energy transport system in Guatemala, performed by its affiliate Trecsa.

Other operating goals add to these results, as the start up of three inductive reactors in the southern region of the country, with an investment of US$7 million, which will allow for the improvement of the energy transport quality by controlling voltage avoiding peaks and will result in further benefit to four million inhabitants in the Cauca, Huila, Nariño and Putumayo Departments.

The Company met the deadline set in the UPME invitation to bid carried out in December 2010, which was established as April 30, 2012, evidencing its seamless performance and execution.

About Grupo Energía de Bogotá

Grupo Energía de Bogotá is a leading corporation in the Colombian energy sector. Through EEB it transports electricity to a market enjoying one of the largest demands in the country and greatest in size.  In addition it has control of the major natural gas carrier in the country, TGI S.A.  In Perú, its company CONTUGAS has a 30 year concession for the transportation and distribution of natural gas in the Ica Department, while CALIDDA is in charge of distributing natural gas in Lima and Callao.  In that same country, ISA, participates in REP S.A. and TRANSMANTARO S.A., which operate 63% of the electricity transmission system in the country. In 2010, it incorporated TRECSA - Transportadora de Centroamérica S.A.- that will build the most important energy infrastructure project in Guatemala and will render electricity transmission services as of 2013.  Furthermore, it holds a portfolio of significant investments in large companies in the energy sector, amongst which the following stand out CODENSA S.A., EMGESA S.A., GAS NATURAL S.A., Empresa de Energía de Cundinamarca - EEC and Electrificadora del Meta, EMSA and in a lesser scale ISA and ISAGEN.