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February 2017

Grupo Energía de Bogotá to celebrate TGI’s 25 years of experience in gas transportation in Colombia

16 February 2017

  • The Transportadora de Gas Internacional, TGI, is part of the GEB’s Interconnection Business for Market Development.
  • GEB acquired, 10 years ago, the ECOGAS business at auction, and incorporated TGI.
  • Bringing 25 years of experience in natural gas transportation in Colombia, TGI has presence in 157 municipalities.
  • 2,485 miles of gas pipelines to serve the interior of the country make TGI the major gas transportation company in Colombia.

Bogota, February 15, 2017. The Transportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI, acronym in Spanish for International Gas Transportation Company), a company of Grupo Energía de Bogotá (GEB), will reach 10 years at GEB. It brings, upon 25 years of experience, progress to millions of Colombian households, vehicles and industries through 2,485 miles of gas pipelines.

TGI (former ECOGAS) has been a key player in the development of infrastructure and massification of natural gas in Colombia. It is currently present in 14 departments and 157 municipalities in Colombia and serves 70% of the natural gas market consumed in the country, supplying natural gas to the residential, industry, thermal, oil and vehicle sectors through an extensive network of pipelines and compressors.

Astrid Álvarez, Grupo Energía de Bogotá CEO, stated that “TGI is a Company with a significant expansion potential and plans to participate in large projects whereby GEB will be consolidated as the major electrical energy and natural gas multilatina in Colombia and Latin America”.

Its most recent projects –already executed, being executed and being planned– include:

1-     Expansion of the Ballena Pipeline in La Guajira to Barranca, which will be soon turned into a bidirectional pipeline.

2-     Expansion of the transport capacity from Cusiana-Cupiagua fields to Central Colombia. Phases 1 and 2 of Cusiana have already been completed, where over 700 million dollars were invested and the gas transportation capacity was doubled. Phase 3 is being executed and phase 4 is in the planning phase. Similarly, the Cuisana-to-Meta system expansion is being executed.

3-     Putting La Sabana’s compressor station into operation, which expands the transport capacity to Bogota –this is a cutting-edge technology station with minimization of the environmental impact.

4-     Expansion of the transport capacity to other regions, such as Armenia and its area of influence that is being executed, and Mariquita-Gualanday to Tolima-Huila that is in the planning phase.

ECOGÁS was incorporated in 1997 by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia as a state-owned industry and commerce enterprise transferring to it all of the assets and business held and conducted by Ecopetrol in the gas transportation area. In 2007, TGI was incorporated by GEB to receive ECOGAS assets and business, which had been acquired by GEB from the National Government at auction.

In the context of the new strategy of Grupo Energía de Bogotá, TGI and EEB in Colombia, Trecsa in Guatemala and Gebbras in Brazil are part of the Interconnection Business for Market Development, responsible for connecting power generation sources to consumption mega-centers and large users.

In 2017, TGI is planning investments for 200 million dollars in infrastructure projects to keep expanding and bringing natural gas, cleaner and low emission fossil energy, providing comfort and development to society.

Julián García, TGI CEO, stated that “with 25 years of experience, TGI is evolving and carrying Colombia’s name through natural gas. We are connecting progress and development to large value chain allies from gas production to distribution”.

About Grupo Energía Bogotá

Grupo Energía de Bogotá (GEB), led by Empresa Energía de Bogotá, is a joint-stock company listed in the Colombia Stock Exchange, the main purpose of which is to generate, transmit, distribute and trade energy, gas and combustible liquids in any form.

Today, Grupo Energía de Bogotá is the major electrical energy and natural gas multilatina across the region, with presence in Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Brazil. It acts as a “strategic connector”, focused on three Business Groups:

-Urban Energy Solutions, looking to develop and operate the required infrastructure to meet the electrical energy and natural gas demand in large cities;

-Interconnection for Market Development, a business responsible for connecting energy generation sources to consumption mega-centers and large users; and

-Low Emission Generation, looking for new renewable energy opportunities in countries in the energy matrix transition to this sustainable, low emission generation source.

By 2025, Grupo Energía de Bogotá will be the non-mining company with the greatest profits in the Colombian market, while its companies will generate income greater than COP 35 billion from operations in multiple Latin American countries, being consolidated as the most valuable group in the Latin American Integrated Market (MILA).


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