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In this section find reports made available to investors who analyze quarterly results of GEB and TGI since 2007.

  • Regulatory and technical terms GEB
    • BLN: US billion, Factor 109.
    • CAC: Compound Annual Growth.
    • COP: Colombian Pesos.
    • CHB: Central Hidroeléctrica de Betania.
    • CTM: Consorcio Transmantaro.
    • CREG: Commission de Regulation de Energía y Gas de Colombia. (Colombia’s Energy and Gas Regulating Commission).  Colombia’s state agency in charge of regulating electric power and natural gas residential public utility services.
    • D Electricity: Distribution of electricity.
    • D Natural gas: Distribution of natural gas.
    • DANE: (National Administrative Statistics Department) Agency responsible for planning, collecting, processing, analyzing, and disseminating official statistics in Colombia.
    • G Electricity: Generation of electricity.
    • Gwh: Gigawatt hour; unit of energy equivalent to 1,000,000 kwh.
    • GNV: (NGV) Natural Gas Vehicle.
    • IPC: (CPI) Consumer Price Index in Colombia.
    • KM: Kilometers.
    • KWH: Unit of energy equivalent to the energy produced by a power of one kilowatt (kW) for one hour.
    • MEM: Mercado de Energía Mayorista de Colombia (Wholesale Energy Market in Colombia).
    • Mill: million.
    • Ml: Miles.
    • MW: Megawatt, power unit or work which equals to one million watts.
    • N.A. Does not apply.
    • PCD: Cubic feet per day.
    • SIN: Sistema Interconectado Nacional (National Interconnected System).
    • STN: Sistema de Transmisión Nacional (National Transmission System).
    • SF: Superintendencia Financiera (Superintendency of Finance), State entity responsible for regulating, overseeing and controlling the Colombian financial sector.
    • T Electricity: Electricity transmission.
    • T Natural gas: Transport of natural gas.
    • TRM: Market Representative Exchange Rate; it is an average of the transactions carried out in pesos–dollars, and it is calculated daily by the Superintendency of Finance - SF.
    • UDM: (LTM) Last twelve months.
    • UPME: (Energy and Mining Planing Unit) State agency responsible for planning Colombia’s mining and energy sectors,
    • USD: United States of America Dollars.
    • USUARIO NO REGULADO DE ELECTRICIDAD: (Non-regulated Electricity User) electricity consumers that have a demand peak higher than 0,10 MW or a minimum monthly consumption greater than 55,0 MWh.
    • USUARIO NO REGULADO DE GAS NATURAL: (Non-regulated Natural Gas User) user with a consumption greater than 100 kpcd.
  • Terms and definitions TGI
    • ANH: Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (National Hydrocarbons Agency) Colombian entity responsible for the definition of the hydrocarbon policy.
    • BR: Banco de la República (Central Bank). Colombia's Central Bank responsible for the monetary and exchange rate policies of the country.
    • Bln or bln: Billion of US$. Factor 109
    • BOMT : Build, Operate, Maintain and Transfer Contract.  It is a contract pursuant to which a third-party commits to build, operate, maintain and transfer an asset.
    • COP / COP: Colombian Pesos.
    • CREG: Comisión de Regulación de Energía y Gas de Colombia (Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission of Colombia). Colombian government agency responsible for the regulation of electric energy and natural gas household utilities.
    • Cuota de Fomento (Development Quota): Relates to resources that Ecogas collected from users to carry out new natural gas infrastructure projects.
    • DANE: Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística (National Administrative Department for Statistics). Is the entity responsible for the planning, surveying, processing, analyzing and disclosing of Colombia's official statistics. 
    • DNP: Departamento Nacional de Planeación (National Planning Department). Is the entity responsible for Colombia's Economic Planning.
    • EEB: Empresa de Energía de Bogotá. Holding shareholder of TGI.
    • GNV: Gas natural vehicular (Vehicular natural gas).
    • GPC: Giga cubic feet. Factor 109
    • IED (DFI): Direct foreign investment.
    • IPC (CPI): Consumer price index of Colombia.
    • Km: Kilometers
    • MEM: Ministry of Energy and Mining of Peru.
    • Mi: United States Miles.
    • Mm/mm: million.
    • Mlm / Mlm: billions
    • M3: cubic meters
    • PBS: Basic Points, equal to 0.01%
    • Pcd or pcd: cubic feet per day
    • SF: Superintendency of Finance. Government agency responsible for regulating, supervising and controlling the Colombian financial sector.
    • TGI: Transportadora de Gas Internacional.
    • Tpc / tpc: Tera cubic feet. Factor 109
    • TRM: Market representative exchange rate; is an average of prices of the COP-USD transactions that is calculated on a daily basis by the SF.
    • R/P: Reserves/Production ratio. Estimates the duration of the reserves given the level of production at a certain time.
    • UDM: Last twelve months.
    • UPME: Government agency responsible for the planning of the mining and energy sectors in Colombia.
    • USD: United States of America Dollars.
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