Distribution Strategic Business Group

This strategic business group develops the electric energy and natural gas distribution services required by large consumption centers and mega-cities, promotes cleaner mobility and more efficient energy use to improve environmental quality.

The portfolio is composed by distribution companies such as Cálidda, in Lima and Callao, Contugas and Grupo Electrodunas in Ica, and Codensa, Vanti and EMSA in Colombia.


Distribution, Commercialization

Grupo Electrodunas

Peruvian holding owner of three companies dedicated to energy power distribution, to power energy solutions and sector projects. The holding was acquired by GEB on august 2019.


Electrodunas (Privatized in 1997):

•       Perpetual concession to provide power distribution services in ICA, Huancavelica y Ayacucho regions.

•       During 2019, distributed 1,191GWh and it serves 245,630 customers.

Peru Power Company (funded in 2015)

•       It provides development services for distributed generation projects, peak shaving y cogeneration y self-generation. It has 2 gas-fired generation plants, each with 19MW plant capacity.

Cantalloc (funded in 2016)

•       Provides technical services such as reader checks, reconnection, maintenance, project executions and construction work.


Distribution, Commercialization
51.3% participación%


Company established in 1997 as a result of the capitalization of Empresa de Energía de Bogotá.


It is the second largest electricity distribution company in Colombia. It currently provides services to Bogota and other 129 municipalities in Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Tolima y Meta


•       It has more than 3,5 million customers.

•       Leader in the national market with 23% of national demand.

•       Codensa’s power demand amounts to 15.569 Gwh.


Natural Gas
Distribution, Commercialization

Vanti Gas Natural

Vanti (Gas Natural S.A. E.S.P) is the second largest distribution and commercialization natural gas (by pipe network) company in Colombia. It provides services in 105 municipalities within Bogotá and the departments of Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Santander and César for residential, commercial, industrial and vehicular market segments through its affiliate companies Gas Natural Cundiboyacense S.A., ESP, Gas Natural del Cesar S.A., ESP and Gas Natural del Oriente S.A., ESP


  • It has more than 2,3 million customers
  • Market share: 32,1% of the national market
  • Sales: more than 2,3 million m3 of natural gas
  • Distribution network length: more than 13.702 km.


Natural Gas

Gas Natural del Perú

Cálidda was established in February 2002 and started operating in August 2004. It is the largest gas distribution company in Perú and operates the concession (33-year concession) area of Lima and Callao.


 Key operational figures as of December 2019:

•       It has more than 952,682 customers, reaching around 3 million people.

•       Market share: 75.2% of total domestic natural gas production

•       Volume: sold more than 784 MSCFD.

•       Distribution system of more than 11,166 km of networks.


Natural Gas

Contugas S.A.C.

Contugas was established in June the 4th, 2008 under the Peruvian law as Transportadora de Gas Internacional del Perú S.A. C.

The company distributes and commercializes natural gas in the region of Ica, Perú. In addition, it can also provide design, expansion, financing, construction, commercial and maintenance services for natural gas and hydrocarbons pipelines (both transportation and distribution). The concession period is granted for 30 years, until 2042.


On April 30, 2014, the company started operations after the completion of the construction of the Natural Gas Distribution System in Ica.


  • It has more than 60.823 customers including new connections made thorough the FISE program
  • Market share of approximately 3,6%


Distribution, Transmition, Commercialization

Electrificadora del Meta S.A. E.S.P.:

Mixed company of public services in the department of Meta, Colombia. Provides transmission, distribution and commercialization of electric energy services. The company operates in 23 of the 29 municipalities of Meta.

Key operational figures as of December 2019:


•       48 substations with an installed capacity of 1.057 MVA. 

  • Total length of medium and high voltage networks: 12.638 km.