Natural Gas
Distribution, Commercialization

Vanti Gas Natural

Vanti (Gas Natural S.A. E.S.P) is the second largest distribution and commercialization natural gas (by pipe network) company in Colombia. It provides services in 105 municipalities within Bogotá and the departments of Cundinamarca, Boyacá, Santander and César for residential, commercial, industrial and vehicular market segments through its affiliate companies Gas Natural Cundiboyacense S.A., ESP, Gas Natural del Cesar S.A., ESP and Gas Natural del Oriente S.A., ESP


  • It has more than 2,3 million customers
  • Market share: 32,1% of the national market
  • Sales: more than 2,3 million m3 of natural gas
  • Distribution network length: more than 13.702 km.
Entity Participation %
Brookfield 54.93%
Others 20,07%

The corporate purpose of the company is the distribution and commercialization of natural gas, as well as the execution, exploration, production, generation, transport and/or transmission, distribution and commercialization activities of all types of energy.