Distribution, Commercialization

Grupo Electrodunas

Peruvian holding owner of three companies dedicated to energy power distribution, to power energy solutions and sector projects. The holding was acquired by GEB on august 2019.


Electrodunas (Privatized in 1997):

•       Perpetual concession to provide power distribution services in ICA, Huancavelica y Ayacucho regions.

•       During 2019, distributed 1,191GWh and it serves 245,630 customers.

Peru Power Company (funded in 2015)

•       It provides development services for distributed generation projects, peak shaving y cogeneration y self-generation. It has 2 gas-fired generation plants, each with 19MW plant capacity.

Cantalloc (funded in 2016)

•       Provides technical services such as reader checks, reconnection, maintenance, project executions and construction work.

Entity Participation %

Holding peruano de 3 compañías dedicadas a distribución de energía eléctrica, al desarrollo de soluciones energéticas y proyectos del sector. El holding fue adquirido por GEB en agosto de 2019.