Natural Gas

Gas Natural del Perú

Cálidda was established in February 2002 and started operating in August 2004. It is the largest gas distribution company in Perú and operates the concession (33-year concession) area of Lima and Callao.


 Key operational figures as of December 2019:

•       It has more than 952,682 customers, reaching around 3 million people.

•       Market share: 75.2% of total domestic natural gas production

•       Volume: sold more than 784 MSCFD.

•       Distribution system of more than 11,166 km of networks.

Entity Participation %
Promigas S.A. E.S.P. 40%

Corporate purpose of Cálidda is the distribution of natural gas by the gas pipeline network, pursuant to that set forth in applicable legislation.  Also, it carries out activities related to its main activity, among which we include the supply of equipment and devices, rendering and carrying out of operation, construction and maintenance services and other activities related to hydrocarbons and their distribution.