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April 2020

Grupo Energía Bogotá anticipates payment of its dividends for May 2020

29 April 2020

•       The Group confirmed that it will advance the first payment of its dividends to May 8, 2020 to support its shareholders in the current situation affecting the country.

•       The company will distribute $1,29 in dividends, to be paid in May and July of this year.

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Bogotá D.C., April 29, 2020. Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) announced that it will make an advance payment of the first installment of the dividends approved by the Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting held on March 30, with the purpose of supporting its more than 7,000 shareholders, among which is the Capital District as the majority shareholder -with 65.68% stake-, in the economic and social situation faced by the country and Bogotá due to the COVID-19 emergency.

"At Grupo Energía Bogotá we are committed with the country's current situation, and as our main cultural attribute is social awareness, we are making this great effort as a company to pay dividends in advance to ensure that Bogotá has more resources in these moments. Astrid Álvarez, CEO of Grupo Energía Bogotá, said: "Within the Group, we are confident that together we are stronger, and we will overcome these great challenges.”

During the last Shareholders' Meeting, the distribution of $1.29 billion COP in dividends was approved, that is, $140 pesos per share, which were to be paid in two installments, one in June and the other in October, which allows the Company to make the payments on earlier dates.

The Group's operating revenues in 2019 reached $4,9 billion, a 22,2% increase compared to the same period of the previous year. On the other hand, net income in 2019 was $1,85 billion, representing a 5,6% growth compared to 2018. EBITDA went from $2,64 billion to $3,12 billion, with an 18,1% variation.

It is also important to note that the Group's shares have been recognized for their good performance in the stock market and are considered one of the most attractive shares in the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) and one of the most valued in the Colcap during 2020, which shows investor confidence.

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