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May 2019

Astrid Álvarez, president of Grupo Energía Bogotá, received the 2019 United Nations Women Together Award for the "Energía Para La Paz" program

23 May 2019

  • The Women Together Foundation highlighted the commitment of Grupo Energía Bogotá to fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • This recognition has been awarded to international personalities such as Hillary Clinton, Queen Rania of Jordan, and the philanthropist Eileen Rockefeller, among others.

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New York, May 24, 2019:  Astrid Álvarez, CEO of Grupo Energía Bogotá, received the 2019 Women Together Award from the foundation of the same name that is part of the United Nations, for her leadership in the energy sector and for undertaking social projects such as “Energía para la Paz” (Energy for Peace).


The Foundation highlighted Alvarez's leadership in the transformation process of the energy industry in Colombia and the region, as well as her “tenacity and creativity in developing an extensive portfolio of social projects, one of the most noteworthy of which is “Energy for Peace”. For Women Together, “this change highlights GEB as a company that is committed to fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.”


It is the first time that Women Together awards this recognition to an executive of the Colombian energy sector. This recognition has been awarded to international personalities such as Hilary Clinton, Queen Rania of Jordan, the philanthropist Eileen Rockefeller, and the Spanish designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, among others.  


“It is a great honor for me and for Grupo Energía Bogotá to receive this award, because as business leaders our responsibility is to bring progress and to improve the quality of life of the communities where we carry out our projects,” said Álvarez when she received the award during a gala at the United Nations Headquarters. 

“Energy for Peace” is a project we carry out in the framework of the Tesalia-Alférez electricity transmission project, a 200-kilometer line of Grupo Energía Bogotá.  The program involves operating and humanitarian demining efforts and covers 11 municipalities and 82 rural districts in the departments of Tolima, Huila and Valle del Cauca. 

One of the beneficiary municipalities is Planadas (Tolima), which was the birthplace of the conflict over 50 years ago, and is today a territory of peace.

Astrid Álvarez said this recognition is thanks to the efforts, commitment and social sensibility of the employees of Grupo Energía Bogotá, who are present in the territories working with the communities.

“Energy for Peace” is supported by the National Army and The Halo Trust, an NGO.  One of the main outcomes has been the military demining of close to 200 kilometers and humanitarian demining of 20,000 hectares. The program also provided training to over 2,500 residents in the area on the prevention of land mine risks, as a contribution to a lasting peace.

Thanks to the program, antipersonnel mines that were planted during the conflict have been deactivated. The action has enabled small farmers from the area to once again walk with peace of mind in their territory, and for children and youth to return to school. 

In addition to “Energy for Peace”, Grupo Energía Bogotá carries out other social and environmental programs in Colombia, Peru and Guatemala.

One of them is free natural gas connections to benefit over 800 women heads of household who manage people’s soup kitchens in Peru to feed low-income children and youth.


Support is also provided to the work of over 400 Guatemalan women who make and commercialize typical knit-work and embroideries, and for the conservation and protection of archaeological pieces in Colombia, Peru and Guatemala. 

About Women Together 

The Women Together Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that for 25 years has been part of the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council and Department of Public Information. Its objectives are to spread messages of peace and tolerance and to contribute to the consolidation of human rights and the eradication of poverty through development programs.

For 16 years, it has held the Women Together Awards, which highlight the work of men and women who actively promote ethical, moral, economic and cultural values, and recognizes companies and institutions whose actions contribute to the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About Grupo Energía Bogotá 

With over 120 years of history, Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) is a leading company in electric energy transmission and distribution and natural gas transport and distribution in Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Guatemala. In Colombia, its Transmission Business develops electric energy projects. TGI is the number 1 natural gas transportation company with over 4,000 kilometers of gas pipelines. GEB also holds equity interests in Codensa, Emgesa, Vanti and Emsa. In Peru, it is number 1 in natural gas distribution through its companies Cálidda and Contugas. Through ISA REP and ISA Transmantaro, in which it holds a 40% equity interest, it is the leader in electric energy transmission. In Brazil, through Gebbras, it is associated with Furnas and has 1,100 kilometers of transmission lines. In Guatemala, it is number 1 in electric energy transmission through TRECSA and EEBIS.