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September 2017

Calidda, Company with Great Potential for Natural Gas Development in Peru

21 September 2017

  • The company intends to invest 500 million dollars in the next years and double the number of customers, thus benefitting five million people in Peru.
  • Calidda operates 8,300 kilometers of gas pipelines and its ultimate goal is reaching 14,700 kilometers in Peru, the Latin America’s second country with the largest natural gas reserves. 

September 21st, 2017. Calidda’s Investor Day was celebrated today to introduce to the market its new strategy and ambitious plans for the next years. Calidda, a company in which Grupo Energia de Bogota (GEB) has a 60% interest, is one of the companies with better growth perspectives in the Peruvian natural gas market. 

“Calidda has experienced a huge growth in the last years, not only economically, with EBITDA being doubled in the last 6 years, but also with respect to network and customer development with a large number of investments,”Calidda’s general manager Jorge Olazabal stated, as he also highlighted the company’s social responsibility as leader in the Incan nation regarding culture promotion and archaeological heritage protection. 

Currently, the company is first in gas distribution in Peru, with more than 500,000 connections which benefit 2.2 million people, but its goals are much more ambitious: it expects to double the connection number up to 1.2 million, and therefore benefit 5 million people in Peru for the year 2022. 

The company has invested 800 million dollars in this country, with 500 million dollars being invested in the last five years, as a result of the GEB’s participation in the business as majority shareholder. 

The great growth potential of this company includes the Lima mass transportation system -El Metropolitano-, which currently operates 100% with Vehicle Natural Gas (VNG) and has a fleet comprising 600 buses. Nonetheless, the mass transportation integration plan expects to have 5,000 buses operating with VNG, which represents a great opportunity for Calidda. 

This accelerated progress has been possible due to the ambitious natural gas expansion plan implemented by the Peruvian government, under the leadership of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, and which purpose is to provide access to this service to everyone, in order to generate development and provide a better quality of life to families in Lima and Callao. Besides, Peru is the Latin America’s second country with the largest Natural Gas reserves estimated for 32 years. 

Calidda’s network comprises 8,300 kilometers of gas pipelines, and the company expects to reach 14,700 kilometers for 2022, with an investment of 500 million dollars. Nowadays, it operates in 42 districts in Lima and Callao. 

Olazabal also pointed out that the company will commence a new stage with the new Corporate Strategic Plan (PEC) of the Grupo Energia de Bogota, which intends to offer energy solutions in order to come from offering natural gas connection to customers to analyzing ways to also generate value. 

Calidda’s great economic operation is not only limited to this country; the company additionally develops important social responsibility and archaeological protection programs. It also supports soup kitchens for low income children with gas free connections and it is the first private company to be part of the“Lima, la ciudad de las Huacas”(Lima, the city of Huacas)programfrom the Ministry of Culture of Peru, aimed at protecting pre-Hispanic archaeological monuments.

Grupo Energia de Bogota’s CEO, Astrid Alvarez, highlighted the company’s growth and expansion, as she also stated that“we want to become the Latin America’s leader group in energy development of large cities, and consolidate as an urban energy solution facilitator in the region.”In order to do that, the company develops and operates the necessary infrastructure to meet the electric energy and natural gas demand in the cities. “Nowadays, we are making a significant contribution to the quality of life of millions of Peruvians by providing them with natural gas. Our purpose is to benefit many more”. 

About Grupo Energía Bogotá 

Grupo Energía de Bogotá (GEB), led by Empresa Energía de Bogotá, is a joint stock company listed in the Stock Exchange Market of Colombia, whose main corporate purpose is the generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of energy, gas and liquid fuels in all of their forms. 

Grupo Energía de Bogotá is the main Multi-Latin electric energy and natural gas company of the region with presence in Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Brazil, and is focused on three Business Groups:Urban Energy Solutions, which focuses on developing and operating the infrastructure required to meet the electric power and natural gas demand in large cities.Interconnection for Market Development, which is responsible for connecting power generation sources with large consumption centers and large users andLow Emission Generation, which focuses on seeking for new opportunities in renewable energies in countries leading the transition of the energy matrix. 

About Cálidda 

Cálidda is a Peruvian company –an affiliate of Grupo Energía de Bogotá– that holds the design, construction and operation concession of the natural gas distribution system in the Department of Lima and the Constitutional Province of Callao in Peru, for 33 years. It is a pioneering company in the provision of this services in Peru. Thus, contributing to improving the environmental preservation and the quality of life of its people. 


Jacqueline Guevara Gil

External Communications Adviser



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