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December 2016

Grupo Energia de Bogota held socialization sessions in indigenous languages with the Putumayo and Nariño communities

23 December 2016

  • Discussions took place in Quechua and Inga languages with the communities on coexistence with electric infrastructure.
  • 400 people from different indigenous reservations participated in the ‘mingas’, community roundtable sessions. 

Bogota D.C., December 23, 2016. With the aim of strengthening relations of trust with the indigenous communities living in the areas of influence of the projects in the Nariño and Putumayo departments, Grupo Energia de Bogota held socialization sessions in the indigenous languages of Quechua and Inga, through ‘mingas’ (community roundtable sessions), wherein several topics of safe coexistence with electric infrastructure were covered.

These encounters were held with the indigenous communities of the Yanakona Santa Martha of Cauca and Inga reservation, and the Camentsa reservation, located in the municipalities of Santiago and San Francisco in the department of Putumayo. Socialization sessions were also held in the department of Nariño, with the Los Pastos and Quillasingas communities; the former made up by the Cabildos de Aldana, Miraflores and Carlosama reservations, whereas the latter by the El Encano and San Fernando reservations, located in the municipality of Pasto.

In these socialization sessions several relevant aspects for the communities’ coexistence with electric infrastructure were covered, with an emphasis on risk prevention. The content was shared by representatives of the indigenous communities, who were permanently accompanied by the technical personnel of GEB. 

A total of 400 indigenous people attended, who voiced their concerns on the energy transmission infrastructure, which were resolved during the course of each event. Likewise, educational material translated to their native language was handed out to adults and children, with the aim of raising awareness among the communities. 

This type of activities allow Grupo Energia de Bogota to strengthen itself as a player that generates sustainable development on a local scale, an approach through which it seeks to consolidate its presence in the territory and neighborly relations with the various communities.


Acerca del Grupo Energía Bogotá 

El Grupo Energía de Bogotá es uno de los grupos líderes de la cadena energética de baja emisión de la región. Como Grupo Empresarial genera valor a sus accionistas y grupos de interés por medio de la gestión sostenible y rentable de sus negocios a lo largo de la cadena energética, tanto en la generación, transmisión, distribución y comercialización de electricidad, así como en transporte y distribución de gas natural. 

El Grupo contribuye al desarrollo de los países donde opera y lidera proyectos que impactan la productividad, la competitividad y mejoran el bienestar y calidad de vida de los usuarios. 


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