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August 2017


25 August 2017

  • As of August 26, Transportadora de Gas Internacional - TGI will take over the operation and maintenance of the said gas pipeline, which comprises 740 km of pipeline.
  • Over 48 municipalities located in the departments of Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and Valle del Cauca are supplied by this pipeline.
  • This service benefits residential, industrial, commercial, oil production, electrical and vehicle generation users.

Bogotá, D.C. August 25, 2017. Transportadora de Gas Internacional TGI S.A. ESP. announces that, as of today, the company will take over the operation and maintenance of the Mariquita – Cali gas pipeline, that had been operated until yesterday by Transgas de Occidente.

This transfer is made as a result of the termination of the BOMT contract, which encompassed the construction, operation, maintenance and, ultimately, the transfer of the gas pipeline to the transporter within the country, namely, TGI.

The Mariquita – Cali gas pipeline, and its segments, has a total length of 740 km, and supplies natural gas to 48 municipalities located in the departments of Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and Valle del Cauca. The main line of the gas pipeline is 20-inch width and has 66 connection points for local providers and thermal power plants located in the area.

During the months prior to receiving the administration and operation of the gas pipeline, TGI held a meeting with the interest groups of the area to keep them informed about this transfer. Likewise, over the next few months, the Company plans to disseminate this information among the neighboring villages, so all the population gets familiar with the project and know about the emergency line018000918427, which will be available also through the alternate line018000517220, where people will be able to report any occurrences.

TGI is committed to performing its operations with integrity, reliability and efficiency, by applying the best industry practices and being environmentally and socially responsible. In this way, the company will continue to work with the agents of the natural gas value chain, to improve the use of the most powerful energy in the world for every Colombian family.

For Astrid Álvarez, the President of Grupo Energía de Bogotá,“taking over the management of this gas pipeline is a great achievement, as this is a company not only widely experienced in gas transportation but also owner of the highest quality standards. For us, it is important to work for the development of Colombia, and through this new challenge, we will work for the Colombian coffee region and the west of the country, by generating a direct impact on their quality of life.”

Likewise, the president claims that this project will be developed within the framework of the new Corporate Strategic Plan, through the Interconnection for Markets Development group, which is in charge of connecting energy sources with large consumption centers and users.

About TGI

We transport natural gas with social and environmental responsibility. We are at the top of natural gas transportation in Colombia. We have 25 years of technical experience, 10 of them as a part of Grupo Energía de Bogotá, one of the most important corporate groups of the country, with presence in Peru, Brazil and Guatemala. Our transport infrastructure currently extends over 4.000 km of gas pipelines. We transport natural gas to 16 departments of Colombia, supplying almost 65% of the consumer market. Our operations are carried out with integrity, liability, efficiency, independence and a quality and innovative service and following the best industry practices. For further information, please visit

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