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April 2017

GEB collaborators and supliers deliver 1000 aid kits to Mocoa

07 April 2017

Bogotá D.C., April 7th, 2017. Thanks to the will and effort of the collaborators of the Grupo Energía de Bogotá and its suppliers, Siemens, Edemco, Concol, Pictograma and T & C Consorcio Empresarial, 1000 kits which are equivalent to about 10 tons will be delivered to support the families affected by the tragedy of Mocoa.

Lanterns, cleaning kits, grocery kits and humanitarian kits (kitchen, dishes and shelter elements) will be delivered, with which companies and their collaborators make a contribution to alleviate the situation faced by many families affected by this disaster that plagues Colombia.

The kits will be delivered on Friday, April 7th at the headquarters of the Colombian Red Cross in Bogotá. 


Luis Miguel Gómez Henao

External Communications Advisor


Mobile: 3108124891


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