Financial services to to suppliers

If you are currently a supplier of the Company and wish to access services offered by the Finance VP, enter with your user id and password.

If you do not have a user id and password, request those via e-mail, addressed to Specifying the request: "request of user id and password to access EEB's web page” and describe name of the company and tax id number, so you may receive a return mail with the requested information.

Should you require assistance, contact Daissy Bernal at 57 1 3268000 ext. 1516, or consult instructions: 


Timely payment of invoices

To ensure timely payment of invoices, we suggest suppliers take into account the requirements they must meet, before submitting them, including, among others the following data:

  • Invoice requirements
    • To be expressly titled as sales invoice or its equivalent.
    • Last name and name, or name of the company, seller Tax id or Tax id of whoever renders the service.
    • Invoice made to Empresa Energía de Bogotá Nit No. 899999082-3
    • Consecutive number of invoices
    • Issuance date which must be the same to the date the invoice is submitted.
    • Clear description of goods supplied or services rendered.
    • Subtotal
    • VAT
    • Total amount of operation
    • Name or company name and Tax id of invoice printer
    • Indicate if the company is a VAT withholding agent
  • Delivery of Invoices

    Once requirements are met, the invoice and its respective support should be submitted in Cra 9 No. 73-44, mailing receipt area, first floor.

    Invoices may be submitted as of the first working day of the month, to the 25. If such date is a week-end, this date will be extended to the first working day of the following week.

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Other services to suppliers

  • Early payment of invoices

    This alternative allows payment of your invoices before the period of time established by contract.

    To that end, it is required that you submit your invoice at Cra 9 No. 73-44, first floor, correspondence window, directed to Treasury Management - recipient, Mr Jairo Durán, with the following information:

    • Name of company and tax id number
    • Number of invoice submittal number and date to which discount due to early payment will be applied.
    • Contact information, such as name, e.mail and/or telephone number
    • This request must be validated by the company's legal representative
    • Conditions apply for the approval of payment
  • Consult account status

    If you are currently registered, you may consult payment notices, detail of deductible, taxes, withhodlings and historic data of previous paid invoices.

    For further information, view:


  • Withholding certificates

    If you are registered, download tax withholding certificates

    For further information, view:


  • Request payment by wire transfer

    Para solicitar el pago de sus facturas a través de medios electrónicos, favor enviar formato adjunto debidamente diligenciado al correo

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