The objective of GEB's Investors Relations Office is making information available to stakeholders, shareholders, bondholders, regulators, stock markets and rating agencies on commercial, financial and operating performance of Group companies, as well as the economic surrounding in which these companies conduct their businesses. It consists of financial and non-financial information that will allow all stakeholders to access the information required for their decision making process.

Through these publications, the Investors Relations Office seeks to establish a relation based on trust with all stakeholders and consolidate GEB's position as a strong and reliable group in the local and international financial markets.

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Transport and distribution of energy, holding relevant stocks in other businesses within the energy sector.

Snapshot of GEB
  • Regional leader in the energy sector: comprehensive participation in electricity and natural gas chains (except E&P); operations in Colombia, Peru and Guatemala. 
  • Over 120 years of experience in the sector, established in 1896.
  • Its major shareholder is the District of Bogota: 65.7%.
  • Company listed in the Colombian Stock Exchange, governed by international standards as regards corporate governance.
  • GEB is among the major issuers of shares and debt in Colombia:

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