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April 2017

TGI, Ecopetrol & Gas Natural Fenosa promote vehicle natural gas in Bogota’s mass transportation

06 April 2017

Cartagena, Colombia. Thursday April 6, 2017. Transportadora de Gas Internacional TGI, Ecopetrol and Gas Natural Fenosa signed an agreement aimed to promote the use of natural gas in Bogota’s mass transportation and natural gas vehicles (VNGs). 

Each company will devote a financial contribution administered by a trust. The end-user will receive a discount or bonus over the dedicated vehicle total cost purchase, thereby facilitating the buying decision. This agreement, apart from contributing to the strengthening of the transportation fleet, benefits the city due to its positive impact on the environment and sustainability. 

Nowadays, Bogota’s mass transportation system has only four VNGs. With the bidding involving new operators in the system being undertaking in the city, the potential is as high as 1,200 vehicles.  

Using VNGs buses in public’s mass transportation brings savings in the amount of 458 to 700 million of pesos per vehicle, as compared to the regular costs involved in the purchase, maintenance, and operation of vehicles using conventional fuels, which translate into important benefits for the system end-users. 

The agreement is an effort of companies that take part in the natural gas production chain, aiming to strengthening the VNG market and hence contributing to reduce transportation costs for the citizens, as well as reducing air polluting emissions and greenhouse gases. 

Public transportation bears main responsibility for urban air pollution, which accounts for 70%  of the major pollutant emissions. 

Many of the world’s main cities have enforced rules against diesel vehicles aiming to reduce morbidity and mortality due to air pollution and cut down health associated costs, which annually are significant for the country. 

According to a 2012 World Bank study commissioned by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible), urban air pollution annual costs in Colombia amount for $5.7 trillion (2010). This cost increased to $12 trillion in 2014, according to statements of the Deputy Directorate of Environmental and Sustainable Development, which represents 1.58% of the GDP. 

TGI, Ecopetrol and Gas Natural Fenosa will also provide ongoing consultancy and follow-up services around a regulatory environment that favors the feasibility of this initiative, including the institutional capacity and dynamic infrastructure level of the energy sector. 

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