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December 2016

Grupo Energia de Bogota held the first Technical Roundtable for aerial sports in the Cauca Valley

21 December 2016

  • The goal is to achieve an adequate coexistence between the power transmission lines and aerial sports such as paragliding.
  • The second Technical Roundtable will be held on December 27 at the Governor’s Office of Cauca Valley.

Bogota, December 21, 2016. The Grupo Energia de Bogota successfully held the First Technical Roundtable for Aerial Sports, with the main focus of analyzing the proposed route corridors for the 550kV Southwestern Reinforcement Project in the La Virginia – Alférez y Alférez – San Marcos sections, and be able to establish a coexistence between the transmission line and paragliding in the areas of influence of the Cauca Valley. 

The activity, held within the framework of the project’s Environmental Diagnosis of Alternatives (DAA in Spanish), included the participation of William Espinosa, deputy director of the Secretariat of Tourism of Cauca Valley; Bernardo Veloza, representative of the Governor’s Office of Cauca Valley; Julián Hernández, mayor of the municipality of La Unión; José Luis Aristizabal, secretary of Social Development of Cali; Leonardo Quintero, Ginebra sports coordinator, Alejandro Chávez, representative of the Los Cóndores paragliding club; Luis Gonzalo López and Alexander Raigosa from the Tourism Corporation of Roldanillo, Corturoldanillo; Pedro Medina on behalf of the Vuela Ginebra club and Daniel Vallejo from the Colombian Federation of Aerial Sports FEDEAEREOS. 

A tour was agreed in order to identify take-off and landing points for aerial sports practiced in the municipalities of Ginebra, El Cerrito and Palmira. In addition, the date for the Second Technical Roundtable was established as December 27, 2016 in the governor’s office of Cauca Valley, with a view to know the results of the proposed tour. 

This Technical Roundtable was proposed by the Grupo de Energia de Bogota during an ordinary session of the Departmental Assembly of Cauca Valley last November 17, whereby the scope and benefits of the project were presented, as well as the paragliders’ and local authorities’ opinions from the project’s various areas of influence were heard. 


In compliance with what was agreed at the Technical Roundtable, the tour of the take-off and landing points was carried out on December 19, 2016, with representatives from the Halcones de Cali and Vuela Ginebra Clubs as well as the technical, environmental and social teams of the Project. The coordinates of the established sites for this sport to be practiced in the Cauca Valley Department were georeferenced and verified; the full report is expected to be presented at the Second Technical Roundtable at the end of this year. 

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